Road Construction Projects

Below is a listing of current and future road construction projects in the City. Be sure to sign up for email notifications to stay informed on the latest road construction updates. 

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Annual Slurry Seal Project

Slurry Seal Zone E Updated Schedule: The contractor will be performing crack sealing and localized pavement repairs beginning Thursday, October 26 through Wednesday, November 15.  During this period of construction residents will have access to the streets and their driveways.  The  "No Parking" signs posted during this portion of work are for localized pavement repair areas only, and are not street closures. The contractor has scheduled to start the slurry seal work after Thanksgiving Thursday, November 23th. The maps and schedules for the street closures during the slurry sealing portion of work will be posted shortly, please check back in.

For any questions please contact Taylor Abernathy, Principal Civil Engineer, 461-3490, or Douglas Erdman, Assistant City Engineer/Engineering Services Manager, 282-5233.

Map of Slurry Seal Zones

Lake Forest Slurry Seal Zone Map